Do let them know they were appreciated and loved!

Carolyn, Patient

This is to applaud and thank the quality nursing care/staff on the cardiac floor because of my unplanned stay there on January 13-16 after an emergency department admission on Sunday, January 12 due to atrial fibrillation. Being an old RN, I can say I know quality care when I experience it.

I will point out head nurse, Denise (day shift) who was personal along with being professional with skills to affirm and comfort and educate beyond all expectations. Next, I must mention the nurse I had on that Wednesday, I think his name was Bruce, who was exceptional in his skill and caring. Connie, the morning housekeeping staffer and the Kalamazoo Valley blonde nurse instructor (with her group of student nurses) should be mentioned for her skill, caring, diligence and devotion to patient care.

Lastly, the emergency department staff who efficiently admitted me around midnight and did diligent checking and assessment till my atrial fib converted the next day. I wish I had all the names of the staff. Do let them know they were appreciated and loved!

P.s. February 3, I am scheduled for open heart surgery with Dr. Parth Amin – expecting to enjoy similar care!