Bronson staff delivered way beyond our expectations

Debbie Smith, Family Member

Bronson is still a fairly new healthcare system for us and I wanted to share our recent surgical experience with you.

We have been so impressed with Bronson, the Dr’s, staff, etc. since we moved here 2 yrs ago.

Our recent experience with the Bronson staff was amazing. From the start – Larese was such a genuine and caring woman. She was so wonderful to my daughter Madyson ( 21 yrs/special needs) and a pleasure to be around. She had an amazing personality, was so helpful to me and so sweet to my daughter. She was our 1st impression and made a lasting one.

I can not say enough good things about each and every one of the surgical staff that day. Each one was such a great representative of Bronson and the superb care that is shown to your patients.

Lisa K., Kim K., Gary M., Nicole A., and Chloe W. were so fantastic that I had someone get all of their names for me so I would not forget them. They all were the epitome of professionalism but also wonderful, caring human beings that made the day so much easier. The level of care they showed with amazing attitudes, friendly exchanges and a warm personal touch was so appreciated. We expect great care and, once again – your staff delivered way beyond our expectations.

We are sincerely grateful to each of them for making the day so pleasant and stress-free.

Bronson is lucky to have such remarkable people working for them.

Thank you!