Darlene Green, you are an amazing woman with the gift to help people in need!

Penney Wheeler, Family Member

Darlene Green is an awesome asset to your team.

My husband had a procedure on 9/11/17. I had hoped while I was waiting for his out patient procedure to be completed, I could find some help with questions for my moms current situation. That’s when I went to guest services in the lobby and met a group of great ladies, one of which was Darlene Green.

She listened to my concerns and request for help with an issue my mom was having with her current medical supply company as they  had changed  brands of her medical supplies she used and needed. The new brand was not working at all for my mom’s needs.  It was getting really bad as the change had now had my mom depressed due to the stress of the new brand of her medical supplies not working for her.

Her current medical supply company staff were not helpful, nor was the on staff nurse who was rude and degrading to our family caring for our mom. They passed her and family members around, from one person to another and our family was not getting any help.

Darlene used her knowledge and recourses to reach out to your team of nurses and to the Bronson at Home division to find someone who could help us. She was able to put me in touch with them right at the lobby desk phone. She pulled out a chair and said have a seat, I want you to be able to talk directly to them. I received what I needed to move forward to help our mom.

I can not thank your team enough for leading me in the right direction to help our mother. Knowing that I could now see light at the end of the tunnel brought me to tears, as I knew I wasn’t in this alone! I found the help I needed to help my mom! Darlene Green you are my guiding angel. Before I left with my husband, who by the way received great care and attention while I was seeking help from your other staff. I had to go back to Darlene and give her a hug! As tears of relief and gratitude came to my eyes.

Update: 9/13/17-This has turned my mom around, she sounds so relieved, and her depression is lifting. She will have her normal brand of medical supplies delivered with her 1st order from our new medical supply company!

Seeing your parent so sad and depressed I felt helpless until I reach out to your amazing Bronson hospital team.

Thank you again Darlene Green,  you are an amazing woman with the gift to help people in need!

Our sincerest gratitude,

Penney Wheeler & Family