These touching moments are what make a difference in both the patients and families lives

Anonymous, Employee

Darci Smith accepting the 2022 Sunshine Award.

We had a patient on the oncology unit/C5 who underwent a routine procedure. He encountered multiple complications with carious progressions and setbacks along his journey. He stayed with us for several weeks in which many people cared for him along the way. One person in particular really stood out in the care of this patient, and that is Darci Smith. The family had come to the decision that this patient was very very sick and his wishes were to be made comfortable at the end of life. The family decided to make him comfort care and was extremely heartbroken as he had put up a very strong fight. Darci was his ACA for the day that this decision was made. Although the patient could not verbalize his needs or wants at this time, Darci told him she’d be right back with a razor and shaving cream, as he was starting to get very gruffy. Darci began shaving his face and talked to him the whole time, even though he could not talk back to her. The family was so happy she did this for him as he died very shortly after. I told Darci the family really appreciated her doing this for him in his last moments of life and she told me she did the same thing for her dad right before he passed as well. These touching moments are what make a difference in both the patients and families lives. It’s the little things that matter. Although this may be one small thing Darci has done over the years, she continues to so many similar things just like this to give her patients the highest quality of care she can.

Darci Smith is an acute care assistant on the oncology unit/C5 at Bronson Battle Creek. She is the recipient of the 2022 Sunshine Award, which is given each year to team members who help our clinical staff provide exceptional care for patients and families. 

Darci and her coworkers as she accepts the Sunshine Award.