COVID-19 vaccine is an added layer of protection for our family.

Kylee Ridge, Family Member

16-year old twins, Sophie and Sarah, get their COVID-19 vaccinations together.

Kylee Ridge, mom to 16-year-old Sophie and Sarah, is a teacher and has been vaccinated for COVID-19 for quite some time.

“Sophie and Sarah are twins,” says Ridge. “But Sarah has faced significant medical issues this past winter (unrelated to COVID) and spent a few weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Bronson. The COVID-19 vaccine is a safety measure that we wanted to keep our whole family healthy and safe. Actually, Sophie approached me about getting it as soon as she heard she was eligible. This is an added layer of protection for our family.”

Everyone 12+ is invited to immediately schedule an appointment date and time at any available clinic locations. If you or your child haven’t received the COVID-19 vaccine and want sign up for an appointment at Bronson, visit our COVID-19 Vaccine page.