Could not have had a better experience

Marsha Tech, Patient

I was in severe pain in my chest/abdomen area and the only relief of sorts was standing or walking.  My husband took me to Bronson Battle Creek Emergency Department.  There were two people ahead of me and when it was my turn I told them where the pain was and a police office quickly put me in a wheel chair and rushed me to a room.

Darcy was my nurse who took vitals and when I came out we only had to wait a few minutes and was taken back to a room.  My husband, family friend and I watched as the room seemed to fill with medical staff.  Everyone that I saw that night were caring, professional and alert to not only my needs but my elderly hard of hearing husband.

The doctor that we saw for the release was gentle and explained the findings of the tests, told me what I needed to do after leaving the hospital and wished me a good day.  Darcy was once again my nurse and help with the paperwork, taking the IV port from my arm and was gentle.  Could not have had a better experience.  I have always felt safe and secure with Bronson and the employees. Thank you so much.

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