Constance is a shining example of what it means to take pride in your profession

Anonymous, Employee

Constance Ramsey is a shining example of what it means to take pride in your profession. Her engagement is apparent by her role as leader of the unit based Nursing Council. As council lead, she has been instrumental in organizing and implementing volunteer activities including donation of school supplies, rallying participants for the Bronson Children’s walk, collecting warm outerwear for A Forever Recovery, and giving time to the local Food Pantry.

Constance is an informal leader on the unit as evidenced by her role as Charge Nurse. She is sought ought by her peers for her clinical knowledge and expertise. She is confident in her decision making and her inquisitive nature allows her to seek clarification and understanding of complex issues.

In addition, Constance is a role model to newly hired nurses in her capacity as preceptor. She understands the importance of building relationships and mentoring the novice nurse beyond scheduled orientation. She continues to connect and support even after they are officially “on their own”.

Her commitment to her profession is reflected in her recent graduation earning a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing- all while continuing to work full time.

In summary, Constance is a joy to have on the unit. Her spirit is contagious and her energy around uplifting and supporting nurses is unparalleled. She is proud to be a nurse and we are lucky to have her on our team.