Classes are focused on a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Ken Dettloff, Employee

As a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at Bronson Athletic Club, I get to spend my days helping people be well and become the best versions of themselves. One of the programs I started here at the club and am really proud of is Serious Wellness. Serious Wellness is part of the group exercise program at the BAC. The classes within Serious Wellness are designed primarily for people who are 55 years young and above. However, we welcome anyone to join no matter what their age!

Serious Wellness classes include cardio and strength training options, but the real goal is to build connections with others. As we get older, we go through a lot of changes – whether those changes are related to family and friends not being around as often, the loss of flexibility or muscle, or just aging in general. Change can be difficult but these classes can help ease some of these life transitions.

My favorite thing about Serious Wellness, and what keeps participants coming back, is that we all really become friends… sometimes even more like family! Everyone knows each other and we all support each other. We usually don’t even start class on time because everyone is chatting – and that is okay! Fitness and wellness are two totally separate things– and being WELL is a huge part of Serious Wellness.

Plus outside of class is just as fun as class itself! Serious Wellness participants have put together a book club, an opera club and other activities to spend more time with each other.

I am so proud to work for an organization who understood the need for more classes that addressed wellness from a social aspect, and for seeing my vision of Serious Wellness. It has been amazing to see this group of members who weren’t avid gym-goers, who have turned in to club regulars! They are becoming healthier physically … but even more importantly, they are healthier from an entire holistic view!