Christiana is an outstanding advocate for her COVID-19 patients

Anonymous, Employee

Christiana is an outstanding advocate for her COVID-19 patients. At a certain point taking care of patients with COVID-19, visitors were not allowed to come into the hospital, even for dying patients. Christiana actively lobbied with doctors and management about how patients were suffering more by not having loved ones be by their sides. Eventually, her plight helped change our policy to allow a single visitor in the case of an actively dying COVID-19 patient.

In one situation, upon finding her dying patient was afraid of eternal damnation if not allowed their religious rites prior to death, Chris actively pushed for management and doctors to allow a priest to come in for this patient, as she knew spiritual well-being was just as important as physical well-being. Thanks to her incredible advocacy, this patient got their religious rites performed, and the policy was once again changed to help patients with this issue in the future.


Christina Thompson is a nurse on the Ortho Surgical Unit (OSU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2021 Hazel Latondress Respect Award, and was recognized during the Nursing Excellence Celebration.