Chest Pain Emergency

Carrie Kotecki, Patient

When my mother called and said my father was having chest pain and was being taken to a outlying hospital I immediately told her to have him transferred to Bronson. Upon arrival to Bronson’s emergency department he very quickly was assessed and a chest pain protocol started. He was taken to the cardiac cath lab where a procedure was performed to open a blocked artery. He spent a few days in the hospital and was discharged home. The staff at Bronson were fantastic from start to finish. Everyone was friendly and helpful. As an emergency room nurse of several years I have seen many patients with this problem. When it happens to a family member, you know longer are the nurse looking at the situation from a distance. It’s very uncomfortable being on the other side of the medical arena. The staff at Bronson made sure my family and I understood everything that was happening and did not make any assumptions because I was a nurse. It is very comforting to know that the staff at Bronson treat everyone like an extension of their own family. They turned a difficult experience into a positive outcome. Thank you!