Charles G. Schenk, PA-C was amazing

Stephanie Bazant, Patient

I am very pleased with seeing Dr. Schenk. I came in for issues with a torn rotator cuff that has been going on for two years and the previous specialist I saw didn’t do very much. So, naturally, I was concerned with seeing another provider as I was afraid I was just going to be told to do physical therapy, but Dr. Schenk was amazing. He showed me my MRI and explained all of the little issues I had going on (injury to injury) in an easy-to-understand manner. I especially like the fact that he was very involved with me and let me be involved with my care. He didn’t just make choices for me. He had asked if I had done injections in my shoulder and when I said yes and that they worked well, he wanted to start with this route. He didn’t tell me what did or didn’t work for me. He was very insightful and explained everything understandably. Dr. Schenk was amazing and so was the registration staff and nurse who roomed me. Everyone was amazing and helpful. I am so glad I chose a second opinion at Bronson.