Casey stuck out as an MVP in my mind

Lacey Stonerock, Patient

The prenatal care I received from Bronson on Centre St throughout my pregnancy was excellent. This was my first successful viable pregnancy, and each care provider was always kind and professional. They took my worries seriously, especially being someone who had gone through a prior pregnancy loss.

When labor came, and I was admitted to Labor & Delivery, one nurse in particular went above and beyond. Casey, my L&D nurse was there though my labor. She had a very calming presence, and I felt that I could really count on her to give me the best information that I needed to make decisions as the labor I was hoping for started to become unattainable for my safety and the safety of my baby. She always answered my questions, or questions my husband had and was very kind and personable. She always let me know what options I had and made me feel like I was the only patient she was ever going to work with.

That’s not to say the other staff was not awesome, they were, but Casey stuck out as an MVP in my mind, and my husband agrees. All of the staff in L&D made my experience a positive one, even though my labor threw some curve balls.

I hope Casey and the rest of the L&D team that helped deliver my baby in the early morning hours of November 21st 2021 get the recognition they deserve. They were fantastic.

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