I had trouble lifting things.

Casey Roggelien, Patient

At just 3-years-old, Cooper Roggelien understands what an impact a doctor can make. After all, it was a doctor who made his dad’s arm feel better. “I had trouble lifting things,” says dad Casey Roggelien. “Even picking the kids up was tough.” So Casey turned to Dr. Ken Highhouse of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Sports Medicine, who ended up performing rotator cuff surgery to repair Casey’s shoulder. When Casey returned to Dr. Highhouse’s office for a follow-up visit, Cooper waited in the lobby with his mom. As the family checked out, Cooper had a sad look on his face. He explained he wanted to shake the hand of the doctor who “fixed daddy’s arm.” The staff brought Cooper back to see Dr. Highhouse so he could say thank you and get that hand shake from the man who made his dad “all better.”