So friendly and helpful after a VERY long day

Vicki Crawford, Family Member

My husband and I visited Fast Care on Gull Rd. Trying to get into a doctor’s office on the same day is almost impossible. We arrived about 5 pm and were greeted by the friendliest MA, Daisy Aguirre-Sanchez, that checked us in. We waited in the waiting room for only 10 minutes before we were taken back and worked up by MA, Melissa Bos. The NP Jason, came in to see us in only about 5 minutes. My husband had Pneumonia, and I was positive for Flu. The whole Fast Care experience was amazing!! The staff was the best! They had already seen over 100 patients before us that day, and they were still going strong and remained so friendly and helpful after a VERY long day! They are seeing all the patients that the offices do not see, and they cannot limit appointments as the offices do. We need more Fast Care offices and caring staff as they have at this office! Thank you for all you do Fast Care!