Burn and Wound Clinic

Karin Zaleski, Patient

My 84 year-old father had a minor procedure on his big toe in late February, 2011. A week later, it became infected and we took him back to the doctor. He was put on a strong antibiotic and a visiting nurse was ordered to change the dressing. Long story short, Dad had a bad reaction to the antibiotic in the form of severe diarrhea, nausea and some vomiting. This went on for days while we tried to treat him at home. Finally we took him back to the doctor and that’s when he told us it was likely from the antibiotic and not a flu bug. After suffering through a few more days of it, we took Dad to the Emergency Room. He was found to be severely dehydrated, so much so that it affected his kidneys. He was admitted to the hospital.

The following day was Dad’s first visit to Bronson’s Burn and Wound Clinic, for treatment of his still ailing toe. He visited the Clinic every one of the three days he was hospitalized. At has follow up appointment with his primary physician we decided it best if Dad continue to visit the Wound Clinic and an appointment was made for the following day. This was the first time my mother and myself encountered the Clinic and its staff.

Three people helped Dad while we were there — Dr. Dircks, the P.A. Vicki and nurse Wendy. I can’t say enough good things about them! They were extremely courteous, patient, and caring toward Dad. They were very thorough and detailed in explaining everything about Dad’s condition, which was made worse by his underlying heart and circulatory problems. In fact, we now understand more about Dad’s issues than ever. All of his Bronson doctors are good, but none had taken the time or care to explain things like Vicki and Dr. Dircks did. As a result, we even asked them to refer us to a new cardiac doctor at Bronson, which they did.

Another long story short, our encounter with Dr. Dircks, Vicki and Wendy at the Wound Clinic was the most pleasant, informed and friendly doctor’s appointment we’ve ever had. Dad, Mom and I left knowing Dad was in excellent and expert hands, and very hopeful that Dad’s troubles are going to get better. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness .