Every staff member I encountered was very caring

John Murphy, Patient

I want to let the powers it be known how much I appreciate all the fine care I received during my recent stay in your hospital.

I was in South Haven on a long weekend from the thumb area of the state (I go there at least twice a year) when I felt left chest pain that was not going away.

I am a recently retired RN from McLaren Bay City, and I was also with Beaumont Health for 30 years (my first retirement 2 years ago). I know the value of good, sincere patent care – because I always strived to deliver that to my patients. This was the first time in my life that I was on the other side of the bed, and with my background I was concerned for my health and worried about my wife.

Every staff member I encountered was very caring and knowledgeable in their role as part of the team. They were quick to answer my questions and fill my needs. I want to acknowledge all EC, In patient, Cardiology and the DR’s and NP’s who were part of my care. Again, thank you so much! I have followed up with my PCP had an echocardiogram and more blood done all’s good so far.

Sincerely, John Murphy