Bronson was where my family took me and I feel lucky to have the good care that I did

Sharon Sleeper, Patient

I am a retired RN  from Florida with an active nursing  career spanning 47 years.  On July 17, I was on vacation in Kalamazoo, visiting relatives, and fell in my RV breaking both bones in my (dominent) right forearm. Talk about a fish out of water – orthopedics was one of 2 fields in which I had no experience other than nursing school rotation, a long time ago!

Transitioning from being the caregiver to receiver isn’t easy…I was a good bedside nurse treating my patients holistically , etc.

With my injury, I was very incapacitated — and the first week after surgery was a real learning curve.  I didn’t know what I was to expect as far as my casted arm involved  other than I could do very little with my left hand.  I had questions about what I was feeling…was it good,was it bad…..was the cast too loose since swelling had gone down., etc etc etc.

I called Dr. Kings office, told my story and was given an appointment to come the next day. I met Corey, who turned out to be the exact person I needed to see and talk to — to allay my concerns.  She listened, unwrapped the ace bandages holding my “Oreo” cast (my term for forearm between 2 pieces of cast material) together, checked it, listened to me some more, and wrapped it back to make it feel more secure. She made comforting suggestions for my care.

She was wonderful.  I left feeling that someone cared about my concerns and helped me over the hurdle of caregiver to receiver.  Thank you Corey….you’re a nurse after my own heart!

I will also mention that I felt very fortunate that Dr. King was on call the night I originally came in to the hospital.  His explanation of what he was possibly going to do in surgery gave me an understandable explanation as a patient and as a nurse.

Bronson was where my family took me and I feel lucky to have the good care that I did.  Thank you all!