Bronson Spine and Scoliosis is my one and only choice for my back care

Carrie Sampsell, Patient

I am a patient of Dr. Ellwitz and the day I set foot in his office I was treated extremely well. I went in for a back issue and I have had the best treatment from the front desk to his medical assistant, Nikki. She has gone above and beyond for me. I had to have a MRI and I tried the regular machine and it was to small so I had to go to KNI for the open one. Well Nikki got a call that I needed a PA because it was Bronson insurance and I could take 7-10 day for approval now I had surgery in May and I had some issues and was in pain and numbness so the MRI was needed so Nikki worked extremely hard and got my PA in 2-4 hrs. this entire time she kept in contact with me and she did a lot to get this for me. The entire office is wonderful and I got my MRI and I am going to be ok and even then the willingness to help me get better and treating me like family and answering every question or concern. One thing is this office is very busy and no matter what they walk-in with a smile and hand shake every time and to me that is just great and to know my name just before they even look at my chart is fantastic. Bronson Spine and Scoliosis is my one and only choice for my back care. I wanted you all to know how wonderful they are 🙂