Bronson really does hire the best

Amy Smith, Employee

I work at Bronson and recently my best friend gave the Gift Of Life.  The family said their goodbyes and went home. My best friend’s family expressed how badly they wanted her handprints done of the patient to be remembered by but forgot to get them done.

I stayed there with my best friend/patient and called around to see who could help me. Maggie from Child services, kindly helped me locate the fingerprints and clay mold. She went above and beyond to make this happen taking time out of the busy Emergency Department. As the patients best friend you helped me give the best gift to my best friends family and without your kindness and time we would not have got it done. THANK YOU THANK YOU MAGGIE YOU ROCK!

Also a shout out to Josh the RT, for the compassion you showed me. I will forever remember the hugs and kindness offered to me that night. Bronson really does hire the best of the best and I am proud to be a RN there.