Bronson Positivity to me is all about giving back to the community

Danielle Kitchen, Bronson Employee

I am a recent graduate of the certified dietitian management program over at Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC). And when it came time to do my internship, I knew that Bronson was where I wanted to be because they were completely on board with a lot of my values as far as, locally sourced ingredients. And making all those healthy initiatives and changes.

My goal at Bronson is to be a bridge between the dietitians and the kitchen staff. Hopefully helping to make some changes to the menu, as far as including more local produce. As well as, meeting all the nutritional requirements the dietitians are looking for.

Bronson Positivity to me is all about giving back to the community. I like that we support local farmers and local businesses by carrying their products in our cafes as well as using all of their products in our kitchen. We know our farmers and we know our small business owners who provide our bread. Bronson does more than provide excellent healthcare, we also do a lot in the community as far as reducing our carbon footprint by being sustainable. We compost, recycle and have programs like Bike to Work and Bus to Work. Those are core values that are definitely in alignment with my core values.

As a cook at Bronson, I am in charge of putting together bento boxes. So I make two different salads, as well as include a local fruit and vegetable. In the kitchen, I provide sustainability by composting all of the food scraps from the salads I make instead of being tossed into the garbage. My advice for incoming culinary students is to know that Bronson does a lot of scratch cooking. We use a lot of fresh local produce and meats. We are farm to table here at Bronson.