Bronson Positivity is an energy that I try to bring to work

Chelsea Dow, Employee

I didn’t always know nursing was what I wanted to do, especially as I got older, so I went to the 21st Century Health Career Program at the Calhoun County Career Center. It was there that I was able to job shadow at Bronson Battle Creek and other areas in the community, that’s when I knew I wanted to go into nursing.

I went to Grand Valley State University for two years and worked on my pre-requisites for the nursing program but I was just so anxious to get going. I felt like it was taking forever, I was getting homesick and missed my community. So I applied to Kellogg Community College and I was accepted into the nursing program that fall. I moved home and started the program there so I could be closer to my family and the community that I grew up in.

Now I’m a Float Case Manager here at Bronson Battle Creek. I help with discharge planning and I’m able to work with the interdisciplinary team during the day shift. I float wherever I am needed in the hospital; sometimes I’m on a specific floor, other times I’m just running around trying to help my coworkers as best I can.

Bronson Positivity, to me, is an energy that I try to bring with me to work every day. I think its very important for healing here in the hospital to be able to come into a room with a positive energy and say, “Okay, let’s figure this out. Let’s get you better,” and then, “What’s going to be your plan once you get out of here.”