Bronson positivity at its best!

Anonymous, Patient

I’d like to share my Bronson Positivity experience with Ms. Halli Hunt, Certified Nursing Assistant, Bronson Spine & Scoliosis Specialists. From our initial meeting until now, Ms. Hunt has made a vital difference in my journey to and from spinal fusion surgery on March 5, 2021.

Halli Hunt has the voice of an angel, exactly the kind of soothing tone needed to quiet the humanoid brain preceding a surgery of this magnitude. With the tender wisdom of a grandmother, Ms. Hunt dared to offer the reassurance that everything would be all right.

  • Whenever I had questions, I could count on Halli to “hunt” for the answer.
  • Halli could – quite unintentionally – impart humor that would just crack me up.
  • When post-surgical pain brought me down, Halli’s voice could temporarily distract me.
  • Granny’s hot water bottle became the source of much spontaneous laughter.
  • Halli’s outgoing voicemail message is the longest – ever…another reason to laugh.
  • Throughout this sometime painful experience, Halli never let me feel alone.
  • Halli’s gracious personality made medicine seem less technical and more humane.

My post-surgical journey is nearing its end, and I am the better for it, thanks to Halli Hunt’s unique blend of compassion and humor…Bronson positivity at its best!

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