Bronson My-Chart is such a lifesaver for me!

Tina Keeler, Employee

Bronson MyChart is such a lifesaver for me! I find myself using it at least once a week to manage either my children’s care, my father’s care, or my own care. Having the ability to connect with the providers while I go about my day has made my life easier. My job takes me all over and I’m not always by a phone to wait for a call back. I am able to manage simple items like prescription refills for my son, or send a message to my father’s physician about an ongoing concern. I love the ability to solve problems without always scheduling an office visit. I recently had a procedure and as a nurse, it was very valuable for me to be able to see my labs and test results. It eased my fears and I was able to go about my day without stressing about waiting to hear about results. My Chart has definitely helped me manage my family’s care more efficiently! I would be lost without it.