Bronson Methodist Hospital has shown me a truly amazing experience

Melanie Wheeler, Patient

What an amazing example of organization, courtesy and professionalism! We started with the test center and proceeded to the inpatient surgery with Dr. Fabi for back surgery. Each section of this hospital and each employee were wonderful. I have never been to a hospital with such organization, where each step of our process was facilitated by courteous, kind and caring people. From the secretary at the testing center to the inpatient secretary at the surgical unit, everyone took the time and opportunity to learn our names, remember our faces and keep us appraised of what was to happen next. While in the surgical unit, each employee was positive, cheerful, and professional. They have multiple fail-safe procedures to make sure no mistakes are made, always taking a minute to reassure us and we were almost never alone or left wondering what was coming next. They took a minute to make eye contact each time they relayed information, and were patient and redundant in making sure we clearly understood everything.

Experiences with hospitals in Calhoun County had left me, confused, frightened and wary of any contact with hospitals. Employees at those hospitals, seemed too busy to talk to patents or family. We were often alone and left without help, information or even common courtesy during stressful and tragic times. I was truly worried about this surgery, but now Bronson Methodist Hospital has shown me a truly amazing experience. I would trust this hospital with my loved ones any time. Your motto of positivity seems to be part of every employees job description. It has really changed by view of healthcare. Thank you to Dr. Fabi, the staff at testing, inpatient surgery and all the many courteous, friendly employees who helped us.