I had surgery on both hands and Dr. Lichterman did a fantastic job!

Angelina Hall, Patient

Bronson is the only hospital for me.

I had suffered for years with arthritis in my thumb joints on both hands. I had cortisone injections, PRP injections, therapy, and wore any type of hand brace that I could find to ease the pain. I finally decided that surgery was going to be the next step for me and that is when I met Dr. Lichterman. He is an amazing man that listened to my problem and came up with the solution. Dr. Lichterman suggested that I have a procedure that is a thumb CMC arthroplasty in which the small bone at the base of the wrist is removed and the tendon in my forearm is moved to replace that bone. It sounded scary, but positive.

I had the surgery done on both hands last year and Dr. Lichterman did a fantastic job. From the nurses to the anesthesiologist and everyone in between were all so caring. They told me what was happening every step of the way. I felt so relaxed and although I am still recovering, I never questioned my decision. He and his staff are top notch and I would recommend Dr. Lichterman and his staff all day every day.