“Bronson is the only hospital around that’s offering this lifesaving treatment”

Sandra Scott, Patient

Sandra Scott knew that she snored, but didn’t realize how serious it could be. She had sleep apnea for years before she did anything about it. After she saw her doctor, she tried the traditional CPAP machine, but it was bulky and made it difficult to sleep so she stopped using it. One day while out and about, Sandra stopped breathing and collapsed. She knew it was time to finally do something. Luckily, she researched and was able to find Inspire, a sleep apnea treatment that uses your natural breathing process. Unable to find a doctor in Grand Rapids who knew about Inspire, Sandra came to Bronson. Dr. L. Steven Szeles at Bronson ENT, Head & Neck Specialists had experience with it and was able to place the device inside her body surgically. And since there is no mask, hose or loud noise, it worked better for Sandra. After her surgery, Dr. Szeles connected her to Dr. Mark Goetting at Bronson Sleep Health. He helps her to make sure the device continues to work great for her. Sandra loves it and recommends it to everyone.