Bronson is the best place I’ve ever worked

Andrew, Employee

Each day I wake up and go to work hoping that I will make someone else’s life better. Physical therapists are trusted to make a positive impact in our patient’s lives through mobility. Utilizing movement, we are often the ones who get the healing process started, both physically and emotionally.  Making personal connections with patients is very important to me. Each patient has their own story, their own reason to get better. It is my job to find out what motivates each patient and then use that to propel the healing process.

At Bronson, especially within the Rehab Services department, we’re like family. We come together and make sure to lend a helping hand when others are in need. We are dedicated to not just being helpful to our patients, but also to teaching/mentoring our colleagues. Six years into my career here, I feel like I have so many mentors that I learn from on a daily basis. I try to do the same for our newer therapists.

At Bronson, I feel empowered to voice my recommendations for improvement. I know that when I do, those changes will be heard and action will be taken. In the fall of 2019, an initiative was started to mobilize our pediatric patients earlier in the healing process. This initiative involved advanced education, so a colleague and I were sent as OT and PT representatives to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. We brought back the knowledge we had gained and shared it with the doctors and staff in the pediatric intensive care unit. Now there are policies and protocols in place for our PICU Progressive Mobility initiative. I feel really proud that this was once seen as a challenge but with the full support of our leadership we were able to make a positive change.

No matter where you are in your career, Bronson is a great place to work because you always have the opportunity to grow your skills and be supported. My direct supervisor shows that she has the ultimate trust in our team to do our job well. Bronson sets itself apart from other hospitals or therapy locations by the level of care we provide. We are all about quality care – not just the number of patients we see in a day.

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