Bronson is invested in my growth and the growth of all of its employees

Alissa Stewart, Employee

I started out working as an on-call in the food services department at Bronson Methodist Hospital. After several years and receiving my associate [degree] I decided I wanted to apply for a new role as a practice support assistant at Bronson Internal Medicine – John St. After being there a couple of months, I was accepted and started in the Bronson School at Work (BSAW) program.

BSAW is a career development program that Bronson puts on to help employees learn what Bronson is all about. It teaches them the different jobs that are available and also teaches them life skills management. My favorite aspect of BSAW was working on my communication skills. It helped me learn how to better communicate with my peers at work and network with others.

I am #BronsonProud because Bronson is invested in my growth and the growth of all of its employees. They don’t just keep bringing in new people to fill various roles. They encourage employees to better themselves and give opportunities like BSAW to help them advance their career.

Bronson has played a huge role in my career and educational development. I was able to obtain my associate degree and soon to be bachelor’s degree with the help of Bronson’s tuition assistance program that is available for Bronson employees. This helped me out a lot because I didn’t have to take out any loans to pay for my education. I am happy that I get to use what I learned in school to help others.

Now I work in education services as an office coordinator and I just started as a new coach for the BSAW program. Some of my responsibilities include helping my team with events and projects, maintain educational records my team provides, and help them communicate through the Bronson system about educational opportunities. I went from being a student of the program to teaching others what I found to be valuable in my path to advancing my career.