Bronson is honored to have Sgt. Robles dedicate his talents to this meaningful project

Mikka Dryer, Employee

Every Veterans Day, Bronson leaders present challenge coins to employees who have served in the armed forces to thank them for their service to our country. This Veterans Day, Bronson recognizes Sgt. Efrain H. Robles who has designed Bronson’s challenge coins since 2016.  Members of the armed forces have a long history of carrying challenge coins to symbolize the camaraderie of being a member of a select unit or group. Bronson is honored to have Sgt. Robles dedicate his talents to this meaningful project and we look forward to continuing this partnership in the years to come.

Sgt. Efrain H. Robles, Jr., is a retired United States Army veteran and former member of the Michigan Army National Guard. His career includes serving within the Special Operations community on active duty and the 156th Expeditionary Signal Battalion in Michigan. His retirement became effective in April of this year, and he is honored to have served his country alongside his brothers and sisters in arms.

Sgt. Robles initially entered service just after high school and served as a medic for several years. After a break in service, he returned to active duty in 2005 as a multimedia illustrator within the Psychological Operations community, based out of Fort Bragg, NC. While on active duty, Sgt. Robles served on deployments to South America and Mexico City during which he was assigned to work out of US embassies. Sgt. Robles was also deployed to Afghanistan where he worked within a multi-national coalition force in support of US efforts to stabilize regions and encourage voting within the remote areas of the country.

Sgt. Robles says he is proud to contribute to recognizing and honoring veterans of all eras and branches within the Bronson system.

Thank you, Sgt. Robles, for your commitment to our country and for helping us celebrate our veterans!