Bronson is by far the best hospital

Leslie Zook, Patient

Recently I received a significant bill for services rendered 1 year ago. I reached out to the billing department to inquire because it seemed odd to me and I am no longer working for the company in which the bill/insurance is associated with. I spoke with someone who explained that they had been battling with insurance for the entire year, but again, that seemed odd – especially given that I was not once contacted nor given any inclination that I had outstanding debt. I asked to speak with the supervisor, but she was unavailable and called me back at her earliest convenience (the next business day), but I was unable to talk so we agreed to speak the next day. Upon her call, I flat out asked if they really had been battling with insurance, or was there a clerical error. I told her that if they had truly been duking it out, I would like copies of the correspondence. She confessed that they are short staffed and it went into a file that was overlooked for a time, but that by them fighting with the insurance company, they were able to save me over $200 dollars on my bill. I appreciated her honesty and straight-forwardness and paid the bill on the spot. I just wanted to explain that Miss Kayla in the billing department was so professional and kind that she should be recognized for her candor. I know this is a strange compliment, but it just goes to show you that honesty is the best policy. No need to cover your mistakes because we are all human and owning up to mistakes can be tough, but it can also gain trust. Bronson is by far the best hospital system I have ever encountered and I am actually proud to say that the entire Bronson group treats me with dignity, respect, and simply care. Thank you.