Bronson is and always will be my dream team!

Rose Sinclair, Employee

I believe that through further education, nurses not only can provide better care for patients, we can also help build the evolving nursing profession. Throughout my fourteen-year career at Bronson, I have consistently raised the bar by continuing my education. Most recently I became certified in Emergency Nursing. This inspired me to keep going and begin my journey toward an advanced practice degree (my master’s in nursing).

To help me reach this goal, I looked within the Bronson system to see what resources were available to me. Through my role as Chair of Divisional Nursing Shared Leadership (DNSLC) at Bronson Battle Creek, I learned about the Bronson Nursing Scholarship through the Bronson Health Foundation. Applications for the scholarship were accepted in the fall. Requirements included a written essay stating how I exemplified the Bronson Standards of Nursing. Since the very beginning of my career, Bronson’s Standards of Nursing were ingrained within me and are now a normal part of my daily nursing practice. My involvement in Shared Leadership also has given me multiple opportunities to participate in activities that exemplified the Bronson Standards. Consequently, I decided to give it my best and submitted my application.

Following a committee review of all submitted applications, I was delighted to learn that I was one of three nurses chosen for the Master’s of Science in Nursing –  Bronson Nursing Scholarship.  Five more nurses received scholarships for their bachelor’s degrees. The scholarship funds awarded were in addition to the employee tuition reimbursement, and available for use towards tuition fees and course materials.  Words cannot express my gratitude for being chosen as a scholarship recipient.  These funds will definitely help financially as I strive towards my advanced degree.

I am proud to work for a hospital that not only encourages their nurses to continue their education, but also provides programs to help them get that education. Upon graduation I hope to continue my employment at Bronson with an amazing group of medical professionals.  I am truly Bronson Proud, and really can’t imagine working anywhere else. Bronson is and always will be my dream team!