Bronson Healthcare Group surpassed all expectations

Elizabeth-Marie Philopoulos, Patient

Recognition for the outstanding level of care offered by Dr. Stephen Wysong and his team.

Meticulous attention coupled with Dr. Wysong depth of experience and apparent love for what he does.

From the start of my diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism I was educated on my condition and informed on my options.

I underwent surgery and within the hour my PTH level stabilized, I experienced no pain and no discomfort. Post-surgery my calcium level returned to normal at 9.2 mg/dL; prior to surgery my level was at of 11.3 mg/dL.

I would be amiss not to acknowledge the nurse who prepped me for surgery, Mrs. Kimberly. Thank you for caring for me with empathy, I experienced no pain with the preparation and was left with a feeling of comfort prior to the surgery.

Bronson Healthcare Group surpassed all expectations that I could of hoped for with their experienced and dedicated team, and their 1st rate facilities.