Bronson has the most amazing and compassionate employees you could ever want.

Dayna Anderson, patient's mom

Eleven months ago our lives changed when our then 5-year-old son Brody was diagnosed with leukemia. I had taken him to the doctor for bruising and a nose bleed, and within 3 hours we were admitted to the hospital. He had surgery, a bone marrow biopsy, and his first chemo already scheduled for the following day. My medical brain understand everything but as a parent I was completely heart broken and so overwhelmed. There were a lot of unknowns and a lot of information that was thrown at us the next couple of days.   The doctors and nurses did a great job of explaining everything to us and helping us see what the next 6-8 months would look like. Child life was there every step of the way trying to make Brody feel comfortable and help him understand too. We even got to visit the pediatric oncology  clinic and see his treatment team. After many admissions and scary bumps in the road, Brody is finally into the maintenance part of his treatment.

Throughout this journey I have come to realize that Bronson has the most amazing and compassionate employees you could ever want. They truly care about the patients and their families. Working in the Bronson lab, I do not get to experience the face-to-face care, as we only see the patient’s specimen. I am grateful now that I have seen the whole picture and thankful for all the new relationships I have made.  It is truly amazing that from doctor’s appointment, to diagnosis, to getting his first chemo was all within just 24 hours. Because of where I work I have experienced things such as coworkers praying over bone marrow biopsies and cheering over reports showing remission. All of this shows such teamwork across so many areas. It is really humbling to know that this is the care and compassion that all patients receive at Bronson. I am just the lucky one who saw it first hand in every way possible. I could not imagine Brody’s treatment being anywhere else nor could I imagine working somewhere else.

To all my friends in Pediatrics and Pediatric Intensive Care –Thank you for always advocating for us and Brody. Thank you for reassuring me and being there to help me talk through tough times. Thank you for telling me its okay to not be okay. Also, thank you for allowing Brody to be so involved with his own care as it was important for him to have a little control. You have had such an impact on him and he talks about you all the time. I feel lucky to call you my friends.

To child life –You are amazing at giving these kids distraction and comfort. You helped Brody feel at home with so many games, movies, and toys he could choose from. He made sure to schedule time with you with every stay. Thank you for helping him still feel like a kid despite everything he was going through.

To my lab family–I hope my story helped you see the patient and know that you are just as much part of the care as everyone else.  Every blood product sent, every test run, every specimen touched has made a difference in Brody’s care and makes a difference in each patient’s care. Thank you for all your support throughout this journey.

To my pediatric oncology family–I feel really blessed to have met each of you. It might not be the way I would have wanted it, but I feel like I was destined to meet you in some way. My life is better with you all in it. Thank you for all that you do. I secretly call you Brody’s angels but really you are every child’s angel that comes into that clinic. Thank you for holding me up and being a shoulder to cry on during my worst of times. Brody loves you all as do we, and I’m happy to call you my family.

I am proud to work alongside each of these teams everyday!