Bronson has helped me heal

Christie Bercaw , Employee

Last year I had accepted a job here with Bronson. The weekend before I was to go to my orientation I had felt weird. I had a strange sensation that ran down my right side. The day of my orientation I had a small black spot in my right eye. Thinking it was just a floater I ignored it. The next day I had to work in my new office. The spot was bigger in my eye. I again ignored it. Finally the next day I woke up and was not able to see out of my right eye. I drove into my office anyways and spoke to my Clerical Coordinator about it. I ended up having an emergency appointment with an ophthalmologist. He scheduled a MRI for me. It was determined that I had a stroke over that weekend which affected my eye sight. It was also determined that I needed to take time off my new job due to my loss of sight and not being able to safely drive. I ended up taking a month off work. Bronson was so good to me this whole time. Communicating with me. I was feeling very blessed.

When I returned back to my job I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone in my office was so wonderful about helping me learn. With this stroke, I suffer from some memory issues so it was amazing to have my co-workers take the time to show me things a few times. After almost of year of healing, I still had unanswered questions about this stroke and some symptoms that I still was having. After much prayer, I emailed Dr. Workman. I work with him everyday and see how amazing he is with patients. I asked him if he would be my physician. He graciously accepted. My first visit with him I had answers that I was searching for. He has made me feel like I can be my normal self but a better version of me.

Long-story short, I am so blessed to be employed by Bronson with so many wonderful people. Bronson has helped me heal and has given me the confidence that I have needed to succeed.