Bronson has created an amazing culture of competent care, concern and genuine kindness.

Laura Posey, Family Member

Last month on April 18, I was driving my husband, David, and our fourteen year- old daughter, Sarah, from Centreville to Grand Rapids for a choir performance that she had that evening. Upon entering preconstruction, rapidly slowly traffic on US 131 near Plainwell, we were violently rear-ended by a truck, which resulted in a chain reaction of collisions involving four vehicles.  In the passenger seat, my husband lost consciousness and behind me, my daughter was trapped in her seat. The Plainwell EMS responded to our vehicle and upon my request they transported both my husband and daughter to Bronson Methodist Hospital.

From the moment we passed through the emergency doors, your staff was amazing.  I was following closely behind Sarah’s gurney and was promptly greeted by two women. I cannot remember their names, but they did state their names and classified themselves as a social worker and a chaplain and promised to remain by my side throughout our ER experience.  And they did. They found my parents and friends in the waiting room and settled them into a private area were they updated them regularly offering water and anything else they needed. Their direct attention and care surpassed my greatest expectation.

Our family was assigned to Dr. Romeo, who later informed me that the ER was dealing with multiple traumas at the same time. Honestly, I never felt that he had any other patients other than David and Sarah. His care, concern, and patience are unmatched.

Sarah needed to go to CT as her dad was brought into the ER, and Brooke RN stepped in and introduced herself to Sarah and promised not to leave her side. And she never did. Sarah was instantly calmed and even sang for Brooke during her scan. Sarah was then transferred to the Pediatric floor were Sherry RN and Marissa PCA did an amazing job of delicately balancing the “not a kid-not an adult” age of Sarah. They were kind, respectful, and very genuine in their care. David was taken to the Neurology Critical Care Unit where Mike RN did a fabulous job caring for his needs.

Most impressive to me was the staff’s flexibility on both units. Not only did they allow Sarah’s grandma to also stay the night so that Sarah never had to be alone, they allowed me the freedom, without question, to float back and forth between the units all night and divide my time between my daughter and my husband. This was incredibly comforting to me in the wake of a horrible experience.

In 1995, I was privileged to graduate from the Bronson School of Nursing and then work at Bronson Vicksburg Hospital for many years. At that time, there was an initiative that started on costumer care and overall patient satisfaction. Up to this point, I have never been on the patient side and I wanted to communicate to you how impressive it really is. Bronson has created an amazing culture of competent care, concern and genuine kindness.

Thank you to your entire staff, from the unit clerks to the therapist to the nurses and even to housekeeping, for making one of the scariest days of my life easier. Your staff is to be praised for the efforts and achievements in holistic patient and family care.

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