Bronson had a culture that I wanted to join

Tanya Poznanski , Employee

I have been with Bronson for almost 14 and a half years, 7 of which I have been in the IT department. When I came to Bronson, I was pregnant and had friends who had worked here since we were in college together. Each one of them had positive things to say about the culture at Bronson, the flexibility, the opportunities for growth and advancement, and the feeling of being supported. All of this really appealed to me – it was not the culture that I was coming from, but it was the culture that I desperately wanted to join.

I applied to several roles at Bronson – trying to get accepted into any role that I was qualified for. I ended up getting hired into a third shift lab position where I was doing testing for the emergency department. I was so grateful to have been given an opportunity even though there was a learning curve, as I didn’t come from a healthcare background. With my previous employer, mistakes were hard to live down. The feeling that I was given at Bronson when I would make a mistake was something that I had never experienced. I was welcomed with, “It’s okay,” and “This is how we are going to fix it,” and “In the future, you can do this.” It took a while to accept this grace because if it’s not something you are used to, you question if someone means it. I never felt like anything was held against me. I was told during my reviews that I was learning well and improving, which was the focus versus any mistakes I may have made.

After the Bronson Positivity culture and environment were confirmed over time, I realized that I felt great at the end of the day. As I advanced my career through Bronson, I moved from lab to the managed care department where I handled provider credentialing, some insurance contracting, and government incentive programs, and then moved into the IT. With every department I went to, I had that same positive experience. You can hear good things about an organization’s culture from people, but you don’t necessarily know if that will be your experience. I was pleasantly surprised! Bronson has been everything I hoped for and more. The culture of Positivity and growth is evident.

Throughout my years at Bronson, I have had supportive and amazing bosses and strong female leaders. They took time to take me under their wing and teach me everything they knew before going on to retire. I was lucky to have these experiences. It’s a great feeling to be appreciated, respected and encouraged to advance and grow my education.

To offer more career advancement opportunities for employees in the IT department, leaders developed the career pathway program two years ago. The program outlines everything you need to do before submitting your packet for approval through several committees. This includes specific steps, requirements, skills, letters of recommendation, examples of work and certifications. Throughout the process, employees can take time to reflect on where they are, where they want to go, and their individual strengths, as well as meet with a mentor who will guide them along the journey. Through the program, I obtained my project management certification and completed a leadership course through NextUP – which allowed me to receive a promotion to Information Technology Project Manager II!

In this new position, I help lead large projects with high visibility or impact throughout the system that are IT led or that have an IT component. I enjoy that my role is unique and every day is different. As projects change every few months, I get to work alongside various departments on new assignments. This allows me to meet people throughout the organization and make new connections and friends. Forming relationships and having support throughout the system enables me to become a stronger and more reliable project manager and ensures that the right parties are at the project planning table. Then, I can inform the necessary departments of any changes and discuss how they may affect them.

What I love about the IT department is that we are very forward-thinking. In our office, we have fun meeting areas and ping pong and air hockey tables. These spaces are great for taking a break when things get stressful or overwhelming. Having creative outlets lead to a more well-rounded staff. I also serve as the co-chair of our social and logistics committee to bring people in our department together socially. I feel like I have found my home in the IT department at Bronson.

There aren’t enough good things to say about working for an organization that supports you and your community. The message that Bronson sends out to the community on how important we are to each other is impactful. It’s great to work for a company that stands by its name. Bronson Positivity is something that we stand by every day.

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