Thank you to the staff of Bronson Commons for the quality of care provided during my wife’s two weeks in rehab.

Anonymous, Family Member

Dear Julie:

[My wife] and I write to compliment you and the staff of Bronson Commons for the quality care provided during her two weeks in rehab. The patient assistants were accessible, engaging, and helpful. Tina, Raquel, and Brook are three that we remember by name due to their frequency of care, but all were competent care providers.

The nurses were responsive when [my wife] was experiencing pain, and they monitored the condition of her injured leg, and recommended positioning to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Katie K., LPN, was her most frequent nurse, and [my wife] also remembers a nurse with blond hair. The doctors were so thorough in their assessments.

The Physical Therapists had regular sessions twice a day, and were discerning about the movements and exercises that [my wife] needed, and were engaging coaches, and sensitive to the pain she was enduring. [She] remembers Katie, Melissa, Jessie, and her first PT (forgot her name) during the first week who went on vacation to Florida after that.

Carole Kobe, OT, was so thorough and provided good suggestions that we could take home to manage [my wife’s] situation.

The meals were nutritious. Staff members at the cafe were congenial and prompt in completing orders.

And you Julie, provided the “big picture” and next steps. You informed [my wife] about the Bronson Commons journey. You were an engaging “case manager. ” And, you had a great sense of humor.

Thank you all.

P.S. Oh, and we like the dog too, especially when he attended the evaluation conference, and did not move until it was over.