Bronson Commons felt like home since the first day I arrived.

Shirley James, Patient

Right after eating breakfast, Shirley was standing in her bathroom when she suddenly collapsed.  Her husband Fred called 911 and she was quickly transported by ambulance to the Emergency Department at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

At the hospital, Shirley was fully assessed, had X-rays taken and was diagnosed with a broken femur in her left leg. Unable to get around on her own with a broken leg, Shirley was transferred to Bronson Commons, a skilled nursing facility in Mattawan, to ensure a smooth recovery.

For the next three months, she stayed at Bronson Commons, devoting herself to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

“Bronson Commons felt like home since the first day I arrived,” Shirley recalled. “Dr. Hoffman was as sweet as could be. He would always ask, ‘What can I do to help you?’ Both he and the nursing staff were very thoughtful, attentive and caring.”

During her twice daily physical therapy sessions, she learned a variety of bicycle and resistance band exercises to help her build muscle tone and regain strength.

“After falling, it can be nerve-wracking to try and walk again— let alone exercise,” Shirley explained. “My physical and occupational therapists always made sure I was safe and comfortable. Their professionalism was outstanding.”

When Shirley wasn’t in therapy, she took full advantage of all the amenities Bronson Commons has to offer. She especially enjoyed having a private room and bathroom, spending time in the activity room and relaxing in the outdoor garden.

“I’m glad we went to Bronson Commons because I never had to worry about her,” said Fred. “There was never a doubt that she was in good hands.”

Today, Shirley is enjoying her independence back at home with her husband. “Now, I’m not afraid of falling,” she says. “Bronson Commons gave me the confidence to walk again.”