The Bronson Burn and Wound Center saved my son’s life

Phylis Hauch , Family Member

In July of 2014, Michael Hauch saw his life flash before his eyes. Michael had just finished mowing the lawn when he decided to make a brush fire. Not realizing how windy it really was, Michael began to pour gasoline over the brush to help it burn faster. Suddenly, a gust of wind swept over the fire carrying flames toward Michael and severely burning his right leg, right arm, chest and back.

Michael’s mother, Phylis, immediately called 911. After first being taken to a local hospital, Michael was transferred and admitted to the regional burn center at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Michael spent the next four weeks under the care of Dr. Alan Messinger, a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in burn and wound treatment. Michael was treated with a combination of hydrotherapy, medication and occupational therapy.

“I knew my son was in good hands,” Phylis explained. “I was comforted knowing that Bronson is the only hospital in southwest Michigan that provides comprehensive burn and wound treatment.”

Once Michael’s condition improved, he was able to return home. He spent the next 11 months receiving outpatient care at Bronson Burn and Wound Center, going to appointments one to two times each week.

The nursing staff worked with Michael to control his pain, clean his burns and help change his dressings. As his burns improved, the nurses measured him for special burn garments to help with the healing process of his skin and scars. He learned proper nutrition, burn safety and how to change his dressings safely at home.

“The nursing staff was very efficient when treating Michael,” Phylis said. “He truly received expert care.”

As Michael’s burns began to heal, he was able to return to activities that he used to do before his accident. Today, he continues to mow the lawn, help out as an usher at church and attend college sports games and concerts with his friends.

“The Bronson Burn and Wound Center saved my son’s life,” Phylis shared.