Bronson Battle Creek is an exceptional hospital and I was given exceptional care

Rod Swank, Patient

I was given great care. I started with a colonoscopy at the Bronson Center for Colon and Rectal Diseases with Dr. Karamchandani. It was by far the best colonoscopy procedure experience that I have had. (I have had many in my life.) I found out that I had a recurrence of my colon cancer and rectal cancer. Dr. Karamchandani sent me to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center to set up an appointment with an oncologist. I met with the nurse navigator, Susan DeRuiter, and she directed me through what needed to happen next. Susan met with me in her office and checked with my referrels. She answered all my questions and calmed my fears. She excused herself so she could set up my appointments. She returned with my appointments and escorted me to the lab for my blood draw. She offered to meet with my wife and comfort her. At my pre-admission appointment I met with Heidi, Robin and the respiratory therapist. They all explained what to expect after my surgery. This anesthesiology team was the best ever. I was so relaxed and comfortable in their care. I met with Beth Doorn in the wound center and she marked my skin and visited me in the hospital after my surgery. Right before my surgery I met with Sid Paulino and Dr. Hall. They were wonderful and they made me so comfortable and almost pain free for 3 days. Other nurses that took great care of me on the floor were Candy and Tanya. I believe that Bronson Battle Creek is an exceptional hospital and I was given exceptional care. Thank you all.