I am supported in every way

Bridget, Employee

Photo of Bridget Walker, medical tech at Bronson

I work as a Med Tech in the Core Lab at Bronson Methodist Hospital. I love my job and all the opportunities I have here. In fact, since starting at Bronson I have been designated as a Charge Tech and a preceptor. It is exciting to have opportunities to grow and take on more responsibilities. Three main things really stand out as to why my experience at Bronson is so great.

First and foremost, I have an amazing team. I work third shift, and our team is extremely close. Aside from working well together, we truly enjoy being with each other. Sometimes after shifts we will go out to breakfast or dinner, have game nights, etc. Also, my supervisor is very easy to talk with. I feel supported whenever I go to her for help or with a concern.

Secondly, as a person of color, I really value the diversity at Bronson – both in the lab and throughout the entire organization. It can be rare to see many people of color working in lab-related jobs, so I was really happy when I started here and saw other people who look like me!

Last but certainly not least, we are paid really well. Out of everyone I graduated school with, I don’t know anyone who had a higher starting pay than I did. Also, before our annual reviews this year, everyone across the organization got a 6% raise. As far as I know, this is higher than any other hospital in the area, and it is extremely helpful in this current economy!

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