Born at 23 Weeks and Look at Her Now!

Anita Mehta, Isabel's Mom, Family Member

Isabel doesn’t fully understand the circumstances of her birth or her time at Bronson Methodist Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She is a miracle! She is a miracle because she is alive; the fact that she builds the most imaginative creatures with Legos, rides her bike with her friends and has begun the argument why she `needs` a smart phone is beyond all expectations.

After weeks of pre-term labor, Isabel and her twin brother, Sean, were born at 23-weeks, 6-days and weighed 1lb. 3oz. and 1lb. 5oz., respectively. Sean arrived with several complications in addition to prematurity and left us after only two weeks. Isabel spent 109 days in Bronson’s NICU struggling, surviving and, eventually, defying all the odds. It was not a journey without it’s scary times but she made it and avoided major complications. Isabel came home 5-days before her original due date weighing in at a little more than 5lbs.

Today, Isabel is a healthy, funny, smart and very happy twelve-year old! She loves animals, robots and Legos. Her goal (as of now) is to be a Cowgirl Archeologist—so she can ride her horse to the dig site! Whatever she does, she will be amazing and that is due to the care she received in Bronson’s NICU in her first months. We were not guaranteed anything and we will be eternally grateful for the care both our children received and for Isabel’s amazing outcome.

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