I was not even thinking about my knees. I just had to remember the dance steps. It was very empowering and freeing.

Bobbe Orr, Patient

It takes a lot to slow Bobbe Orr down. One day you may find her on the ballroom dance floor. The next, she could be waving the starting flag atop a ladder at a racetrack. She’s been on-the-go her whole life. In fact, she used to be a race car driver and an avid roller-skating racer. With a lifestyle this active, Orr’s knees eventually wore out, but her enthusiasm for activity never wavered.

Committed to continuing to do the things she enjoyed, Orr set out looking for a doctor who could help her stay on her feet. She found Dr. Joseph Burkhardt fromBronson Orthopedic Specialists in Battle Creek, and was impressed with what she heard. “One of the reasons I picked Dr. Burkhardt was because of his experience,” says Orr. Her situation was a little different than most, because she wanted both of her knees replaced at the same time. “That was very important to me, because both were so bad.”

Once Dr. Burkhardt determined double knee replacement was a viable option, Orr began preparing for surgery. She took Bronson’s pre-surgery class and met others who were undergoing similar procedures. “I felt less alone,” says Orr, plus the class gave her an understanding of what to expect following surgery.

The day of her surgery, she found the Bronson Battle Creek staff to be attentive and reassuring and her surgery went exactly as she had expected. Afterwards, Orr was ready to work on her recovery. With the help of physical therapy, she was walking unassisted within two weeks. “I was in much less pain then I’d had before surgery.” Within six weeks, Dr. Burkhardt cleared Orr to start driving again. “It kept getting better and better and better.”

After just a few months, Orr was ready to test her new knees on the dance floor. Following her doctor’s advice, she started slowly at first, taking short lessons. But within a year, she was back to hour-long dance classes, and the active lifestyle she loves. “I was not even thinking about my knees,” she says. “I just had to remember the dance steps. It was very empowering and freeing.”

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