Bless Dr. Kokmeyer. He gave me my life back!

Sally, Patient

Sally with Dr. Steven Kokmeyer

For the last few years, I started having pain. Initially, my doctor thought it was my back but then, after going to a specialist, I found out it was actually my left hip. I was referred to Dr. Steven Kokmeyer who suggested a few options. In October 2018, I had arthroscopic surgery on my hip and that initially helped to relieve my pain. However, as time went on it was apparent that I would need a total hip replacement. I retired this past March, and one month later, Dr. Kokmeyer performed hip replacement surgery at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Three weeks after surgery, I was no longer using the walker. As a matter of fact, one month after the surgery, I am able to do short walks without my cane. I feel great!
Dr. Kokmeyer is so compassionate. He listens. I never felt rushed at any of my appointments. He earned my trust. Dr. Kokmeyer is so phenomenal! He has been my Savior and really has taken good care of me.

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