Blake is thriving thanks to the care and expertise at Bronson Methodist Hospital.

DanLeigh Emerson, Family Member

My son Blake was involved in a diving accident last July 23, 2016, and he sustained a spinal cord injury which left him, at the time, almost a full quadriplegic….thanks to the care and expertise of those wonderful caregivers at Bronson Methodist Hospital, especially those associated with the Neuro Critical Care Unit, Blake is thriving..walking independently, and day by day, working towards a full recovery.

He continued his unbelievable care at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in Malvern, PA, and the kid is going to work until he is fully recovered.

Thank you for all his amazing care, starting at Bronson. All the staff there was amazing with Blake and with our family who were devastated at the time of his accident. He thrives, and we are blessed!!!