Blake Hinton, RN, is the Safety Hero of the Year

Patient Quality & Safety

Congratulations to Blake Hinton, RN, for being named the 2018-2019 Bronson Safety Hero of the Year! Blake earned the Safety Hero Award during the first quarter of 2019 after speaking up to get lifesaving care for a patient who was showing signs of a stroke. Watch the video reenactment to learn more about Blake’s efforts.

About the Bronson Safety Hero Award

The Bronson Safety Hero Award recognizes staff members who “Speak Up Today to Prevent Harm Tomorrow.” The award is given quarterly to clinical and non-clinical staff members who have spoken up to prevent harm, or who were key contributors to resolving or improving a process that promotes positive patient outcomes.

The quarterly winners are voted on annually by Bronson employees to determine the Bronson Safety Hero of the Year. 

Pictured from the left, Dorothy Malcolm, RN; Blake Hinton, RN; Robert Prodinger, DO; Angie Shrubb, RN.

Due to COVID-19, Blake’s socially-distanced award ceremony was delayed until the fall of 2020.


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