Michelle was a blessing at a time life is getting crazy for me

Kevin Fowler, Patient

Ok, I tend to be long-winded, bare with me. On 10/25/2022 I called the Bronson billing center and spoke with a woman named Michelle B, the spelling of her name might be a little off, but during our conversation, she went well above and beyond to help me, I was looking for a primary physician, and if you have ever looked online it is a major headache, the world needs more people like her. I have not had or needed a doctor for almost 20 years, so I was at a loss for finding one. I had one I managed to find online, but I called the office and they weren’t accepting new patients until January. Michelle took the time and helped me locate one close to where I live, she answered so many of my questions that I was able to move forward faster. She is absolutely amazing, I hope anyone who manages to get her on a phone call can receive the same assistance she was willing to give me. With the workforce being what it is these days, to find someone who is willing to go beyond what the job requires is almost unheard of. She was a blessing at a time life is getting crazy for me. I hope they take good care of her where she works, she is perfect for the job she is in. Not many care enough to do the extra things for anyone, especially someone they only talked with for a few moments. Thank You Michelle (from billing) you really did help get me going in the right direction.