Best nurse I’ve ever had

Allison Whitmore, Patient

I gave birth at the Bronson Birthplace in Kalamazoo. My nurse was Chantal for the majority of the time. I wanted to reach out so she could possibly get recognition for how amazing she was. I switched to Bronson after having two children at Borgess. Chantal made my experience so much more comfortable – I felt so safe and reassured with her. She went above and beyond to make me feel that way. I actually felt like she personally cared for me, and was not just in and out doing what needed to be done. She spent so much time with me. She really deserves to be recognized for how truly amazing she was for me during my labor and delivery because it made such a different experience for me. I know it would not have been so positive if I didn’t have her as with my experience with other nurses. Just truly a gift and perfect person for her job position absolutely anyone would be so lucky to get her as their nurse. Best nurse I’ve ever had my entire pregnancy experiences period!!!!

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