"BEST" hospital I have ever been in

Shirley Spencer-Rich, Patient

Without a doubt Bronson Methodist Hospital is the “BEST” hospital I have ever been in. I was admitted on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015 and was not d/c until April 18, 2015. My Surgeon, Dr. Steve Kokmeyer (Absolutely the very best surgeon I know!) performed a second revision on my right leg on April5, 2015 and I was d/c to Bronson Commons ( Also the best) While I was in the Hospital I must tell you of one extremely knowledgeable Nurse- know on the floor as “Tony the Tiger”!! I was probably not the easiest patient on the floor but Tony was always there to give me the very best care a RN could give and always put my fears to a rest. Really I must compliment all of Bronson Employees as “The Best Around.” Thank you for making my stay with you so pleasant!!

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