Bereavement boxes are created to help patients as well as staff

Meg Weryha, Registered Art Therapist , Employee

Bereavement boxes are created to hold memories of a child who has passed away and give comfort to families. The boxes were donated, and each of these boxes have been painted by floor staff who want to show love for their patient’s families who have passed away. Painting a bereavement box is also therapeutic for the staff, because a patient’s passing is also a loss for staff.  I’ve usually painted them, but this year I decided to open it up to all staff. And any staff can stop by and paint one, nurses, students shadowing and working with patients, doctors, anybody. I’ve tried to make this space somewhere to relax, have a snack, and create a beautiful, meaningful gift.

These boxes are meant to let patients know that Bronson’s staff is there for them even on their worst day.